Corporate Courses

Below is a condensed outline of the In-Classroom Defensive Driving and In–Vehicle Evaluation / Instruction for our corporate training courses which can be personalized to meet the individual requirements of the company’s needs and includes a certificate which verifies the client’s participation.

Proper use of the Eyes in driving, by:

  • Anticipating potential driving hazards by using the eyes effectively while driving.
  • Aiming and scanning the vehicles pathway’s *Scanning all intersections and roads.
  • Scrutiny of parked vehicles for signs of potential problems.
  • Using all mirrors appropriately especially when slowing down and stopping
  • Proper blind spot checks on lane changing and turns.

Spatial perception by:

  • Having an awareness of a Space cushion around the vehicle while driving.
  • Using the ‘staggered concept’ in multi-lane traffic.
  • Developing an understanding of Primary and Secondary space.
  • Anticipating other driver’s movement when stopping in front and behind other vehicles.
  • Sensing a proper following distance behind other vehicles and how to alter this depending on adverse weather and road conditions as well as the actions of other road users.

Good Communication by:

  • Having the knowledge in how and when to properly use the signals, lights, horn and other safety features when interacting with other road users.
  • The role of the 'Spotter' when driving and assisting when parking.

The participants are also required to take an in-class test based on the Defensive Driving theories taught as well as group sessions analyzing various driving situations.

The In-Vehicle Evaluation and Instruction involves the above Defensive Driving concepts along with Collision Evasion techniques such as:

  • Off Shoulder Drop off and Recovery
  • Correct use of acceleration and deceleration lanes on the Expressway.
  • An understanding of velocitization and dealing with construction zones.
  • Vehicle Emergencies such as Gas Pedal sticks, Brake Failure and Vehicle Stalling.
  • Other maneuvers assessed during the in-vehicle component are turns at major and residential intersections, reversing into parking stalls, Parallel Parking, 3 point turns.

The in-vehicle portion of the course is not based on a pass / fail concept but rather on an assessment of the participants driving abilities pertaining to what is taught in-class, as well as being instructed on improving and refining their weaker points.

Progressive Driving School Inc. has taught Defensive Driving Concepts which include Collision Evasion since 1986.