G1 Defensive Drive Course

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G1 - A Full Defensive Driver Training Program for all ages.

 Progressive Driving School has been teaching their Full Defensive Driving Courses for over 33 years and are the most experienced driver training school in North West Ontario. Their courses are for clients of all ages, from 16 years old to older adults who want to get their driver's licence, renew their licence or update their skills and gain more confidence. 

 The full course covers a comprehensive list of skills and techniques required for driving safely and responsibly as well as covering all the demands the modern driver needs to survive in today's driving environment.

 Regardless of your driving status i.e. no beginners, G1, G2 or full G licence, anyone can enroll and work towards becoming a safer, confident driver.

*The classroom component of the course consists of 20 hours in-class and 10 hours home assignments.

*The in-vehicle component consists of 10 hours of in-vehicle driver's training (private one-to-one training).

*The course is fully approved to meet Ministry of Transportation standards

Student's are taught the following skills and more:

  • Anticipate potential driving hazards by using your eyes effectively.
  • Handle spatial problems around your vehicle effectively.
  • Enter/exit expressway and freeway ramps.
  • Learn how to deal with Roundabouts
  • Deal with highway problems and driving emergencies.
  • Driving at Night.
  • How to deal with larger vehicles on the road effectively.
  • Avoid collisions at intersections and other defined problem areas.
  • Proper braking techniques.
  • Driving in Adverse conditions and Skid avoidance. (in season).
  • Knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Semi-autonomous cars and how to prepare for new vehicle technology.
  • Road test preparation.


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