G2 Licence, Refresher Lesson

Tips on the (G) Road Test



This is the second of two road tests you take as a new driver.

  • You can take the test after 12 months with a G2 licence (some exceptions apply).
  • It can be booked online; the fee is $89.25 (as of 2018) and can be paid with a credit card
  • The test covers more advanced driving skills e.g., Good observation skills, driving on the Thunder Bay Expressway and Harbour Expressway, obeying posted speed limits in downtown and residential traffic, Safe lane changing at different speeds and various parking skills such as a 3-point turn, parallel parking and a roadside stop.
  • Once you pass, you get a full G licence.


Call our office when you book your G test and require help and update your driving skills; let us help you pass the first time by taking a 1-hour refresher lesson to prepare you for the test.