A Covid 19 Update - Jul. 7

Update - July 7th 2020

To all students and clients: Amid the concerns around the Corona virus, Progressive Driving School would like to provide you with the latest update on our response and commitment to the health, safety and well-being of our employees and students.

OFFICE: On Monday the 23rd of March, our office closed for an indefinite period of time. To contact our office on any matter, please email us at: as it will be checked on a regular basis.

We are receiving daily text, email or voice messages from clients regarding when we are resuming driving lessons.

For the safety and health of our students and instructors, taking a lesson at this time is not only not advised but not allowed under the present government restrictions.

  • When we do get back to teaching in-vehicle, we will try to accommodate and prioritize our full-course students only. These are clients who have signed up and were in the middle or about to start in-car training program, and, overtime, do our best to get students safely completed and road test prepared.
  • As of this time we are not sure of the impact the Corona 19 Virus will have on driving schools. We are trying (on a weekly basis) to get some guidance from the Ministry of Transportation and the Thunder Bay Health Unit
  • Communication with Instructors / Students: Students and instructors should always keep connected with each other during this time for advice on any driving skills requiring practice. I suggest all students to take this opportunity, to get as much on-road practice at home. It is particularly important for parents/guardians (the co-driver) to initiate as much ‘seat time’ as possible. With this in mind we have put together a page on our website under 'Co-Driver Tip to assist with this process.
  • CLASSROOM: Our classroom facilities will be closed for any teaching and only Online Courses will be conducted if and when appropriate until further notice.
  • Important Notice: When we get notification to start conducting in-car driving lessons, things will not be the same as before. While we must be sensible in trying to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID19 virus, we must also be cautious in decreasing the possibility of a second wave.
  • It is going to be exceedingly difficult to practice social distancing when conducting in-vehicle driving lessons, considering that it is difficult to keep a minimum of 2 meters or more between the student driver and the instructor in a vehicle that makes up a closed-in environment.
  • With this in mind, Progressive Driving School is in the process of putting together a list of health practices to protect students, instructors, offices and any third party involved in driver training (road tests).
  • As a business we also have to consider the liability issues for conducting lessons during the current pandemic.
  • See: General Health Guidelines for Progressive Driving School.


The Ontario Ministry of Transportation announced that DriveTest Centers across the province will reopen on June 22nd.

  • On June 22, 2020, Ontario will begin a three phased approach to gradually resume driver testing.

    In the first phase, DriveTest centres will offer G1 and M1 knowledge tests, driver’s licence exchanges, commercial upgrades and renewals as well as ensure that commercial road tests are available at select locations to support the movement of goods. Additional driver testing services will be coming in two more phases over the summer months.
    To reduce crowding and support physical distancing, many DriveTest centres will serve customers based on when they were born, January to June birthdays one-week July to December birthdays the next.

    Please visit to learn more about services offered in each phase and to plan your visit prior to arriving at a DriveTest centre.

    We ask the public to be patient when visiting a DriveTest centre and encourage people who can wait to get a driver’s licence to delay visiting DriveTest to help maintain physical distancing and reduce crowding as the centres reopen. We have extended the validity of all driver licences no one will lose their licence because of COVID-19.
  • Students with road test appointments already booked should monitor their situation with


DriveTest experiencing significant backlog:


  • The Ministry of Transportation are extending validation periods for driver, vehicle products that would have otherwise expired on or after March 1, 2020 until further notice. For more information, please visit They are also extending the one-year completion requirement for beginner driver education students where without the extension, the course could not be completed on time.


  • Service Ontario opened on May 11th for business.


Thank you and keep safe.

Peter Keddie
Course Director
Progressive Driving School Inc.
Office: 807-343-9291 (closed)