Rules for Ontario's Senior Drivers - Jul. 27

  Rules for Ontario’s Senior Drivers                                          

Ontario has changed the way it licences drivers over the age of 80.

Back in April 21 2014, the Province scrapped the written test it used to make seniors take when renewing their license. Instead they will now complete an in-class screening process to determine if they are fit to drive.

“These changes will help seniors stay on the roads safely with a more streamlined renewal process,” the Ontario’s Minister of Transportation claims the licensing changes will make renewal easier and faster. Saying the new system will allow for “better flagging those who shouldn’t be driving.”        

    The new screening test gives seniors two written tasks.

*An example question given by the Province asks the test writer to draw a clock and then draw a specific time on it.

* Another question gives a list of letters and asks the senior to cross out all the Hs. 

The idea is that anyone who struggles with these tasks is losing their cognitive abilities, and possibly their ability to drive safely.

If you fail this part of the exam, then you must take a driving test in order to renew your licence.

Drivers over 80 will still have to take the test every two years. Like before, seniors will take a vision test and undergo a review of their driving record. Drivers will still take a group education session, but the class will now be shorter. The cost will stay at $32 with no extra fee if a road test is required.

 Once drivers reach 80 years of age, every two years they must:

  • Take a vision test
  • Undergo a driver record review
  • Participate in a 45-minute Group Education Session (GES)
  • During the GES, complete two, brief, non-computerized in-class screening assignments
  • If necessary, take a road test
  • This entire renewal process will take a total of about 90 minutes.

Please note that this as is a licence renewal program. Existing and valid licenses will be not revoked but all requirements need to be met before your licence is renewed. Once you’ve completed the group session and screening components you may be asked to take a road test or submit medical information from your doctor.

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