My daughter and I both learned to drive recently through Progressive Driving School; my daughter at 16 years old, and myself at 49.

The classroom sessions are informative and crucial to understanding that there is more to driving than meets the eye. The instructor (Peter) is an excellent teacher and passionate about his school. He is well prepared to deal with new drivers, regardless of age and experience. I was quite comfortable in the classroom environment. His humor keeps everyone's interest, so learning is fun. Most importantly, he is knowlegable and keeps current with all the changes happening so that he can answer questions as they are asked in class.

I was also fortunate to have a calm, patient driving instructor, Lou, who made me feel at ease, enabling me to absorb what I was learning and proceed to my licence confidently.

I plan to go back in the near future to brush up with a few more lessons to prepare for my final G test, because this school provides and encourages follow-up without charging an arm and leg for this service. In other words, they don't forget about you once you have your licence, they want you to remain a safe driver. I would highly recommend Progressive Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive safely and with confidence.

Cindy LeBlanc

General Revenue Clerk
Provincial Land Tax Division


It is with great pleasure that we submit this letter for the services we received from Progressive Driving School.

The classroom sessions provided the right atmosphere while making learning fun & interesting by sharing many experiences.

On road teaching techniques gave our son the confidence and valuable defensive driving skills making him become a better driver.

Simply stated, Progressive has been the best choice for all 4 of our children, making each of them responsible drivers.

Jane & Ron Marostica


I have had my 2 sons go through Progressive Driving School in the last 9 months. It was a real positive experience for both of them. Peter made the classroom experience real fun and Rosemary at the front desk is very friendly and a joy to talk to.

The driving instructor has given them great instruction and is very friendly as well. Overall, I would definitely recommend them when choosing a driving school.

S. Thomas


I appreciate the honesty and the understanding of parent helping her child get his drivers license.

Keep up the great work! I'll be recommending to you to my family & friends without a doubt!

Deborah P.